Lost Worlds

Fortnights end at Daedalus'

The arcane secrets of technology can bend time itself

First Session

The characters arrive at the Forge world of Belacane trying to discover why they have not released more of their famed stasis technology. After talking to various groups on the forge world, from the xenophilious Brotherhood of Peregrine to the tech hoarding Diogenes Society. But eventually the cause of the drop off had been discovered that the leader of the forge world and it’s foremost expert in stasis technology had suffered a stroke and been left unable to communicate with others.

Worse still they believe the forge worlds primaris logis key had been within the laboratory of Daedalus when the old master had a stroke. Without his constant mental guidance the servitors and other students with in his labs could not maintain the complex and dangerous experiments going on within. Not much is known about the catastrophy but the tech-priests have dare not ventured back to the labs below.

200 XP challenge
100 XP role playing

Second Third and Fourth Sessions

  • The explorers meet Horus Babel who offers to help them explore the secret labs below belacane.
  • The players steal the Six Axis Chronograph from the Cult Temporis.
  • The players enter the secret labs and discover many of the strange secrets entombed within
  • The players leave the labs with the Key only to find the surface world frozen in time.
  • The dynasty stops the Cult Temporis uprising and negotiates for the return of the world’s logis key.


1200 XP
The Clepsydra Ring.
Bags of seeds from Caledon.
The Six Axis Chronograph
+4 Profit Factor.


That sounds pretty reasonable. It fits enough with Ends Justify the Means if the information is worth more than those peoples lives.

Fortnights end at Daedalus'

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