Cadfael Howe



Cadfael(Battle-prince) Howe the Bleddyn (Little Wolf) of Caledon, Son of Cadoc Gruffudd (Battle-Lord) Howe; First Mate of the Black Shepard.


Old Cadoc, Lord Admiral of Patrol Fleet Vigilance; charged with protecting the trade lanes of Caledon to ensure her goods went unmolested by pirates and heretecs. Behold the warpstorm; patrol fleet Vigilance is recalled to Caledon for support, alas upon arriving at the coordinates… Caledon is missing! Donnachaidhs’ power base lost the vutures decend on house assets as contracts and tithes go unpaid, Donnachaidhs’ ships are seized as well. Cadoc will not lose face, Donnachaidh will serve the Emperor herself. To keep what remains of the Donnachaidh fleet and honor Cadoc enters into the indentured servitude of the Imperial Navy committing the ships under his commmand to the God Emperor directly and indefinately until the Donnachaidh Dynasty fulfills its commitments!

Howe??? Yes, during the time of the Cauldron of Savagery whilst the Imperial Forces fought alongside the Caledon regiments Imperial Commander Lord George Granville Howe admired their ferocity in battle, unusual for an argiworld, and deployed the Caledons as boarding specialists, a favoured family tactic. (,_1st_Earl_Howe)

Enchanted by the beauty of Caledon and her maidens George Granville takes a bride (TBA)in efforts to afford himself a luxury seldom available in the Imperium; peace and serenity. Unable to suffer the dishonor of casting aside his family name he adopts the name Idwal (Lord of the Wall) and commits to the defense of Caledon as she is a lifeline for Imperial Forces in this Sector.

The Man


Son of Lord Cadoc, heir to the Howe Estate and all its’ titles, next in line of the Caledon Naval Command. Born and raised for Admiralty. Cadfael take his command more seriously than most nobles as his fathers did before him. While honoring his station he dines in the officers mess aboard The Black Shepard, in the mornings he honors his duty and dines in the barracks as those he commands. “I command no man to do what I have not nor will not do myself!” he says when asked why. His personal mantra is “As Iron sharpens Iron, so does one Man sharpen Another.” known to have come from a most sacred text written far before the Imperium of Man.


Honor on the battle field is a luxury! However, when it is available Cadfael, he is known to indulge. While himself a man of honor, who finds it most difficult to lie or deceive for personal gain. In combat he delights in misdirection and confusing his enemies, from allowing his batmen to serve in his stead as he leads strike forces to lying in the dirt for an ambush; who would think a noble to do such a dirty thing? Surprise and violence of action allow a smaller force to overtake a larger, to him that is a truer honor than throwing lives for lack of a battle plan.

Personal Kit

What makes you think you can wear armor to a banquet?

Gifted to him by his father as his father before him this best quality Storm Trooper Carapace has been in his family for generations. Upon the right pauldron are the names of the recipients of this armor (some generations are skipped) just as the honor decorations are permanently upon the left breast. No son may inherit the armor unless he too has earned those rights! Being light and less encumbering this armor is equally adored with ancient prayer rites and benedictions embedded in the plates themselves; some partially obscured by repairs made to the armor from numerous sears, explosions and tears inflicted upon bearers.

Favored Weapon

Many imperial commanders are expected to lead from behind where its safe! However the boldest of the Imperial Guard foot soldiers are expected to go and do what the regulars are not and so Cadfael takes for himself their weapon; the Hellgun. Superior fire power at the hands of the bold. WHile other specialized weapons may do more damage, none are as reliable and long lasting as the Hellgun (attached to a full backpack power pack for extended engagements of course!)

Talents (most prominent)


Immune to fear and Pinning.

Duty unto Death

Ignore fatigue, injury and stun during combat.

Honorable Ally

-10 to deceive, +10 to social situations where honor is involved


Long Term (5 to death)

  • Find Caledon and restore her to her glory

Medium term (2 to 5 year)

  • Rebuild a proper war fleet

Short Term (any time soon!)

  • Prove himself fearless (has the trait; must show others!)
  • Prove his troops fearless (working for the trait “Into the Jaws of Hell”)
  • Raise a proper Honor guard of Storm Troopers

Cadfael Howe

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