Jyx van Malone

Heretek Void Master


Jyx is a tall, bionically augmented shady man. Standing around 6’ tall, vaguely slim build, bald, and dour. He occasionally takes long periods by himself, venturing on the external hull of the Black Shepherd. Most often, he’s a self appointed middleman between the pilots & the ruling Donnachaidh. He can regularly be found studying archeotech portions of the ship, researching in his private library, or maintaining his private aeronautic fighter. He’s quick and smart, but lacks the true moral integrity of a born leader.

A deeply troubled man

  • Youngest child of a minor house in Clan Donnachaidh.
  • Jyx was left alone, his other family members are politic playing scum.
  • House Malone has holdings, including warehouses & a manor house in Footfall.
  • Some of the warehouses have been left untouched & forgotten for an age.
  • Jyx found an old broken Aeronautica fighter covered in pirate markings.
  • He couldn’t fix it himself, only a local Heretek would help fix the fighter.
  • Became obsessed with flying & tech. Learned about the machine spirit, but left out the teaching that ‘All knowledge has already been found’.

Jyx Rising

  • Jyx sold his services locally to all buyers for a few years.
  • Had a few encounters with Criminals & other scum.
  • After a bad encounter with the Adeptus Mechanicus tracking him down, he decided to return to Caledon.
  • On Caledon, a massive undertaking was underway to raise the Black Shepherd.

Dark Voyage

  • Black Shepherd was raised just as the Warp Storm reached Caledon.
  • The ship tried to flee Caledon, but was caught in the storm.
  • Jyx ended up freeing the ship from the warp doing some very shady actions.
  • Unrealized knowlege from awful sources aided Jyx in freeing the ship.

Jyx van Malone

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