Black Shepherd

Clan Donnachaidh's last hope


Name the Ship and describe it’s significance:
The Black Shepherd
The origins of this ship’s name are lost in antiquity, though many conflicting tales abound about the ship’s past. The name may reference her early use as a transport for dangerous psykers back to the prison worlds of the empire. Instead, There’s another tale told that she was involved in ancient times in defending against the black crusade. Yet another conflicting tale states that the ship was originally an escort for one of the Blackstone Fortresses. Black Shepherd herself lacks a well documented log to substantiate any of the conflicting tales.

Describe your Ship’s Bridge:
Flight Bridge:
Commanding wings of small craft can be arduous at best, hence the command deck of the Black Shepard is a true flight bridge complete with holo image suites and comm/nav relays to coordinate a vast array of small craft; allowing visual information assimilation by command staff. The Shepard was the coordination ship for fleet combat, any and all flights would fall under her command leaving the other attack craft complimented escorts and carriers free to focus fire other enemy craft.

Each Player Describe his character’s quarters(1 sp for each player):
Jyx’s quarters are centrally located about a 10 minute walk from the bridge or Fighter Bay #2. Massive quarters consisting of several rooms, including a small library full of manuals and curiosities. The bedroom is almost as an afterthought, looking more like a small engineering bay than a room for recuperation. A small regenerator bay replaces the bed, a worktable rather than a dresser. The only item betraying personality in the entire room is a dark painting depicting an Aerofighter succumbing in a firefight to a fleet of Xenos.

When not on the bridge or roaming the endless halls and passages of the Black Shepherd, Nail resides in the former captain’s quarters, a single massive room adjacent to the ship’s trophy room. Little remains of the old furnishings, save for the large, ornately carved table that dominates its center. The combination study and bedroom is wrapped in silken swaths of midnight purple and the deep, haunting green of Caledon’s mountain pine forests, the tartan colors of Clan Donnachaidh. Star charts, ship schematics, and ancient volumes of verse lay scattered and buried amongst a sea of cushions while empty cabinets and recesses await the curioso the newly-minted rogue trader captain will invariably acquire during the many adventures he will invariably embark on.

Describe an area on the ship significant to your character(1 sp for each player):
Shephards vantage:
The ruins of a Calendon hillside still remain on the aft of the ship. A small village remains mostly intact, however, it remains outside the safety of the ship’s bulkheads. While one wanders through an old Caledon village surrounded by the depths of space, it cannot be helped but reflect on the bygone days of relative wealth and peace. Now, the village stands as a testament to Clan Donnachaidh’s future: surrounded by the unknown, located in dangerous surroundings, standing on unfirm foundations, yet with the potential of legend.

The Old Hall (Arbouretum):
In ancient times the old hall was a grand venue, her vaulted a testament to Imperial architecture from eons past. An adjunct to the observation dome lining the dorsal of ancient vessel. The Old Hall could open blast doors and atmospheric shielding would activate to allow the brilliance of the cosmos to illuminate the opulent majesty adorning the Hall. Long since the Black Shepards last days of voyage whilst she slumbered upon Caledon the doors open to the elements the Old Hall filled with the earth of Caledon and overgrew with foliage; evolveing into a garden. The crew aboard the Black Shepard carry with them a near sacred connection with home.

Cadfaels pledge to the soldiers aboard The Shepard, Blacks Marauders, “Those who fall aboard the Shepard will not be cast into the void but buried, embraced by Caledon herself as their reward of service.” (Note the to GM Cadfael’s ulterior motive: Do not waste good fertilizer!)

Observation Room:
At the ship’s stern, above and starboard to her main engines, rests a small, all but forgotten observation room. Whether by a coincidence of structural design or by the Shepherd’s own silently longings, the rough, harsh throbbings of the engines are here transformed in this artificial conch shell into undulating tidal movements and gentle lappings. Looking out through the thick armourglass gives the impression of night on Caledon’s shores, the quiet illuminations of the engines below simulating the soft glow of her phosphorescent seas…

Describe your Ship’s appearance:

Soft, laden and vulnerable, bwa hahahaha!!!.. just as she was during the Avengian Crusade! A wolf in sheep’s clothing she is! A treasure galleon she seems bloated by her vast holds, with no determinable batteries she appears weak and her vast size and age denotes vulnerability! NAY, she is venerable! Speed compared to only to raiders half her size and a contingent of fighters upon her few cruisers can match. See her as no threat, so she may overtake you and her crew make you hers! Let those who view her and hear her name think of weakness, as the complacent often forget a Shepard is furious and protective of her charge! (also a biblical reference, haha)

Describe an area of your ship (this could be component or just a place):

The Main Holds: aka: The Gauntlet(s)
Here when the holds are not full of lucre and wealth beyond measure, games and grand tournaments are held. For the crew demands entertainment and release! And they shall have it! Orchestrated by Cadfael First Officer of The Shepard is Las-tag, open to all decks, soldier and citizen alike, las-guns are set to their lowest settings and full armor is worn according to station and accepted challenge. The only rules; last team/man standing wins, and your alive until you admit pain! Decks rival each other, like the bitter grievance between Deck 12 Bomber support and Deck 21 Fighter Support (who’s more important?); special teams of citizens are assembled solely to face Blacks’ Marauders (the local garrison).

Unknown to the common folk is that Cadfael orchestrates this affair not only for entertainment, but also to embolden the citizenry to combat! By play the citizens will improve their skills without fear of military order/reprisal, and be better able to defend the ship simply by virtue of practice. The partaking garrison are of course under orders to encourage un-enlisted citizens who show proficiency to enlist in the Caledon Final Home Guard

’tween Decks: A cautionary tale of ship-bound intrigue wherein a young man inquires into matters best left alone, by Nail Donnachaidh (forth coming)

Describe a quirk of the ship’s crew:

In the Arboretum: Often crew members can be found barefoot, squishing dirt and earth between their toes… Janitorial Services complain about the dirt and soil often!

Black Shepherd

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