Ancient home of the Donnachaidh Dynasty, Caledon was a jewel in all the worlds of the Imperium, but now it is gone. Though the witch’s reaping left the System intact the world of Caledon itself is now gone, leaving the system a hollow shell of its former self.

The Shattered Sea

The area closest to the star of the Caledon System is known as the Shattered Sea, here the gravity riptides of the Caledon system roil and turn. All stellar bodies within this area save for the planet Bolg and it’s moon have been reduced to erratically moving dust and rocks. This area is largely unexplored due to the difficulty of navigating several conflicting gravity riptides within the area.

The Gardens

The Gardens are the nickname for the habitable zone of the Caledon System it once held the planet of Caledon but now only contains three largely uninhabited worlds.


Small and hot Riata is an inhospitable world with a toxic atmosphere of corrosive gasses. These gasses and the temperature of the world form multicolored swirling rock formations which are rather beautiful to look at but Riata has never been colonized or exploited.


Morganwwg is the second largest rocky planet in the Caldeon system after Caldedon itself, despite its size it is a surprisingly low mass. Many scholars surmise that the gravity of the Shattered Sea stole the heavier elements from the formation of this world. Morganwwg is a reddish-brown world with no major surface features. Years of investigation has not turned up any significant mineral wealth on the planet worth exploiting and it has remained largely uninhabited save for the temporary accommodations of smugglers during the system’s heyday.


Named in homage to a Space Marine chapter master, MacLir is the third largest planet in the Caledon system and supports a small colony of miners, who were resettled after the disappearance of Caledon. MacLir has a thick atmosphere which is unbreathable to humans and blocks all visibility past thirty meters. MacLir does however support liquid water that is drinkable once purified and significant mineral resources including exotic materials and radioactive elements which are mined by convicts and recalcitrant serfs purchased from surrounding worlds.

MacLir has two small moons named Tirgain and Owain.


Now missing…

Other Features
The remnants of former battles has left two large deposits of debris.

Lanne’s Chance

This massive field of debris follows Morganwwg, within this field is said to be the remains of 6-10 Dynasty ships including two of the House’s old cruisers. The Wings of Lugudna (a Gothic-Class cruiser) was identified by the damaged remains of its fighter craft, while the Hammer of Cigrine can be identified by its prow.

Caledon’s Fall

This cluster of hulks sits near the orbit of where Caledon would be. As this is a far more orderly graveyard wrecks are easily identified although no survey has been made as to their stability. Amoungst the fallen can be seen the Traveling Tankard, the Pict, the nearly decimated wreck of the Buckler of Faith. Lanne’s flagship the Ilwyd Blaidd is amongst the dead with no sign of her captain, and the imposing wreck of the Iron Pact, a ship gifted from the lathes speaks to the savagry of the attack as such a vessel would not be felled easily.

The Shadow

Out past Caledon is the only a Single large gas giant with a cluster of asteroids being dragged in its wake.


This massive greyish gas giant is named after the Donnachaidh Dynasty’s founder Uilliam the Black. Even by the standers of a gas giant Uilliam is big, and radiates its own internal heat and radiation. It has a series of rings which are spread out in a massive stopping just outside the orbit of its closest in moon.


First moon of Uilliam and named either after his eldest daughter or wife whose stories are largely lost to antiquity although several apocryphal tails do exist. Eternally shaded by the rings of Uilliam, Huada is an icy world trapped in an eternal twilight. Here a few groups of miners work out a dangerous existence mining Huada’s respectable (although far from bountiful) mineral resources while worrying about constant meteor showers from Uilliam’s belt.


Connacht is one of Uilliam’s two habitable moons, due to the irregularities of its orbit it can go from temperate to freezing cold every handful of years. Most of the life on Connacht consists of plants who have either developed a degree of mobility to migrate as the seasons demand or pray on passing plants and animals for food and energy. Most of the fauna on Connacht are amphibians who can hibernate for years or decades when frozen solid. The most feared of these is the deadly Connacht Spore frog which has developed a symbiotic relationship with a species of poisonous spore bearing plant.


Brae is a temperate world with a limited ecosystem, although its distance from the sun and terrain prevent it from being a true garden world it does host a population of nomadic herders who harvest the various native herd animals which travel the mountains of Brae. The people of Brae have been there so long that it is unknown weather they are imperial colonists or preimperial (as none of them can read or right they have no reliable records). The inhabitants of Brae survived the witch’s reaping by hiding the in planet wide network of caves. Though they still tell tails of the day the sky turned red and terror stalked them from the skies.


Sreg would be the largest rocky planet in the system were it not a moon. This vast iceworld is shrouded in a thin corrosive atmosphere that when combined with the world’s high gravity has hampered any attempts to thoroughly scout its surface.


Eochaid is a massive world with deceptively low gravity, unlike Morganwwg however it has substantial mineral wealth in the form of geodes, radioactives, industrial metals seeded on the world by asteroid impacts. The thick atmosphere is rich with both oxygen and moisture, too rich in fact as it will kill most exposed humans in 12 hours of continuous exposure.


This planet is shrouded in an atmosphere of toxic and corrosive death, nobody who has set foot on the planet has survived over 9 hours on its surface before their voidsuit and other survival apparatuses began to fail. The only survivor of the last expedition talked of thin glittering towers through the mists, however it is doubtful he saw much of anything after the atmosphere breached his suit and dissolved his eyes.

The Fang of Avarice

The ship graveyard known as the Fang of Avarice is where Captain Sconnlan died in defense of the Caledon system, the Black Shepard arriving too late to reinforce the rag-tag fleet of merchant ships durring the Avarice war.


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