Donnachaidh Dynasty

Name: House Donnachaidh
Organization type: Rogue Trader Dynasty
Affiliation Imperium of Man
Current Leader Nail Donnachaidh
Succession Cognatic Fraternal
Founding 30M
Homeworld Black Shepard (Ship)
Caledon (Formerly)

Once of the of proudest of Calix sector dynasties this house has been layed low by the sudden disappearance of their homeworld. Despite this loss and the subsequent losses that followed the Dynasty has struggled to rebuilt and even made some decent gains in recent days.

House Resources

Name Class Location
Black Shepard Conquest Class Star-Gallion (Cruiser) 1st Fleet
Nelson’s Blood Iconoclast class (Raider) Belacane Shipyards
Unit Name Type Power Damage Armour Strength Movement Morale Skill Aquisition Location
1st Reformed Highlanders Infantry 6 4d10+9 16 100 2 90 50 -40 Black Shepard
Asset Name Profit Factor Bonus
Malfian Sub-Sector Wide Trading Network +7
Drusus Marches Wide Trading Network +7
Adeptus Mechanicus Trading Contracts +6
Freehold of Brae +3
MacLir Mining Colony +4
Belacane Stasis Generator Futures +8
House Krin Investments +5
Footfall Outpost +1
Total 41
House Relations
Allies Relation Status
Adeptus Mechanicus Formally Allied
House Bastile Hostile
Crimson Caste Pirate Clan Hostile

Donnachaidh Dynasty

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