History of the Donnachaidh Dynasty

Pre-Dynasty (Dark Age of Technology to 921 M.30)

The Donnachaidh Clan can trace its history back to the world of Vanol in the Segmentum Solar. This world was ruled by families of Oligarchs living in fortress hives dotted across the planet which they used to maintain power over the common people of their world. The Donnachaidh one such group under the yoke of the Oligarchs of Vanol. When the Great Crusade came to claim this world for the Imperium of Man the Donnachaidh joined for the chance to throw down their oppressors. Other than these facts little else is known as the ancient Donnachaidh were not great record keepers.

Founding (921 M.30)

When Uilliam the Black and a handful of chosen men broke the siege of the greatest of Vanol fortress hives. A city the 4th Legion of the Adeptus Astartes could not breach in three months, the Legion was so impressed that their Primarch recommended them for a Warrant of Trade. Granted a ship taken as the spoils of war, the Donnachaidh Dynasty set off into the stars to conquer world after world in the Emperors name. Each time never staying for long, only enough to fill their cargo holds and convert their defeated enemies to the right worship of the God-Emperor.

The Apocryphal Years (971 M.30 to M39)

The years following Uilliam’s death are considered the Apocryphal Years, as so many conflicting records of this time exist that and story, parable or legend is considered to have happened during this time. So numerous are these cautionary tales, legends and stories that discerning true ones from history is an impossible feat.

As the Donnachaidh were a wild and clannish bunch they were not know for great written records but instead relied on rememberancers record in their own memories the events that happened. If one should fall in battle than until another rememberancer could be found than the lore he memorized would have to be carried on by word of mouth.

Even though later generations started the keeping of actual records they included in their history all the fanciful tales meant for the education of children or bar room boasts. All of these tales are considered ‘canonacle’ even the ones that violate the laws of physics or logic. Stories from within this time are treated with a certain degree of tongue in cheek given the emense trouble of verifying them.

The Angevin Crusade (322-384.M39)

The Donnachaidh Clan participated in the Angevin Crusade to conquer the Calix Expanse from the warp worshiping denizens and other obscene Xenos which called it home. During the early parts of the Crusade they were an effective and cohesive asset, but after the tide began to turn against the Imperium their leader Aodh the Unyielding refused to surrender taken territory and died defending an obscure world in the Drusus Marches.

After this massive defeat the Dynasty’s new Rogue Trader Duncan tried his best to keep fighting in the Emperors name, but with dwindling resources and morale it was a difficult proposition. During the purge of a garden world, later named Caledon, Duncan heard the prophesy of a xeno witch. The prophesy promised 2500 years of relative peace of they stayed on Caledon and gruesome death if they left. But if they stayed after the 2500 years a doom would come upon them.

After his victory on Caledon Duncan declared that they would stay and gave up his title to his heir in order to found the Monastery of Iona and retire to the life of a monk. His heir Bedelia cemented their current gains and slowly build what would be the beginning of the Agriworld of Caledon, which would become a vital supplier of the Crusade forces.

After her death in a suspicious accident Padraig took control of the Dynasty over the head of Bedelia’s heir Boadecia. Padraig carved out a small and bloody domain in the surrounding worlds around Caledon, making a great number of enemies in the process. But he over stepped his bounds when he took a world belonging to another Rogue Trader dynasty involved in the Crusades. As his victims were too busy with the crusades to retake their lost world, Padraig build up his position by forging an alliance with the Adeptus Mechanicus which stands to this day.

Reconstruction and the Bastille-Donnachaidh conflict (383-600.M39).

When the crusade ended Lord-Sector Drusus ordered Padraig to hand over the world to the dynasty he had taken it from. And he then did so, minus its population and infrastructure. It stands as no surprise when the same dynasty orchestrated a war against the Donnachaidh Dynasty they slew Padraig by luring him into a trap and occupied Caledon during the interregnum his death caused.

The occupation lasted for all of two weeks when Boedicea organized a gurella uprising against the occupiers and drove them from the surface of Caledon. And once she had access to an astropath called together the Donnachaidh fleet and proceeded to decimate the larger Bastille armada in one of the most upsetting turn around in Calixis history. For all her skill as a commander however, she was a poor diplomat as she presented the Bastille Dynasty with an armistice written on the flayed skin of their Lord-Comodorer’s son and heir. This act of revenge for evils inflicted upon Boedicea’s family only furthered the bad blood between the two houses. Boedicea continued to build up the sphere of influence built by Padraig, but after the war with the Bastille Dynasty rarely left Caledon.

Raising of the Regiments and the Cauldron of Savagery (590-800.M39)

The Space Hulk known as the Cauldron of Savagery would appear in the Calixis sector terrorizing worlds in the Drusus Marches and Malfian subsectors with its daemonic cargo. The first incursion in 590.M39 was pushed back by the Imperial Navy, but it was five regiments of Imperial Guard raised on Caledon which helped push back the warp spawn and heretics from the worlds in the Cauldron’s path.

When the Caudron reappeared in 673.M39, the Donnachaidh Dynasty joined forces with several other Rogue Trader houses (including those of Bastille and Chordia), to drive it back. They eventually succeeded in driving the Space Hulk into the sun of a nearby world, which displayed dark green streaks in its surface for decades after. Later evidence would point to it coming from the Koronus Expanse and hinting of the possibility of an stable passage through the two large warp storms.

In 707.M39 « I Redacted by order of the Inquisition, Tyrantine Cabal, The Tricorn, Scintilla-I- » destroying one of the largest markets for Caledon’s goods.

The Mannus Expedition (200-432.M41)

In 200.M41 Mannus Einhionn was granted leadership of the Donnachaidh Dynasty, relying on an atmosphere of fear generated by an ongoing debate surrounding the Witch’s prophecy. Some within the Dynasty argued that two and one half thousand years ment 2000.5 years and not 2500 years. Mannus was convinced that he could avert the doom the witch had spoken of if he could locate the unnamed enemy or some means of defeating them. The passage of a Maw that hungers was clearly thought as to reference the Maw warp passage as the prophecy had been made 1500 years before it’s discovery. Mannus took up the Warrant of trade and set forth into the Koronus Expanse. These expeditions bore interesting fruits as his ships brought back many exotic treasures, though it often worried those afraid of provoking the warnings of the witches song. Astropathic messages from Mannus revealed that he might have found the alluded to threat, but each subsequent message got stranger and stranger until they stopped altogether.

After Mannus was declared dead those that followed opted instead to fortify Caledon and hope to wait out the storm worried that Mannus had inadvertently woken their adversary. After two hundred years had passed with no eminent doom the House turned its eye to other pursuits. By 423.M41 a string of misfortunes and setbacks plague the Donnachaidh Dynasty. The fortification of key Donnachaidh assets creates an atmosphere of tension with surrounding rival houses, starting an arms race of sorts that threatens to bloom into a cold war. This is cut short when the Tellurian Combine, one of clan Donnachaidh’s largest trading partners, is discovered by the Inquisition to be thoroughly corrupt and rife with the worshippers of chaos. Their destruction caused a major economic depression throughout the Calixis Sector. To make matters worse rebellion and political instability over the next hundred years cut Caledon off from much of its markets. Making the added cost of a standing army all the more difficult to bear.

The Ballad Expedition (505-735.M41)

In 505.M41 Arthlan Ballard took the Warrant promising to return monetary and political stability to the Donnachaidh Dynasty. He would spend the next hundred years fighting traitors, heretics, and mutant rebels in worlds of the Malfian subsector. Though he was largely victorious the fighting left him deeply troubled as he soon became prone to drink and all manner of debauchery. He also strived to reopen exploration into the Koronus Expanse, and specifically into the exploration of the Cauldron which he believed significant to the coming doom. Athlan also established Ballard’s Holdfast in Footfall as a supply dump and garrison for clan troops, he also stationed three of his ship in footfall in order to guard the maw against the unknown enemy.

Unfortunately for Arthlan as he descended deeper into drink his ability to administer his endeavours began to decline. Many of his endeavours in the Cauldron fell apart, moral declined drastically in Ballard’s Holdfast, and a mutiny on one of the ships left to guard the maw quickly spread to the other two. The three ships disappeared into the expanse, appearing later to plunder the colonies Arthlan had established. When he learned of this treachery he set out after the mutineers but never returned. With the loss of four ships and the mass desertions within Ballard’s Holdfast Arthlan’s legacy to his Dynasty was falling apart.

Lanne the Doubter (767-797.M41)

Arthlan was succeeded by Lanne the Doubter, insisting that the so called ‘Witch’s Prophecy’ was at best superstition and at worse heresy. Decided to cut the Dynasty’s recent losses in the Koronus Expanse. She plowed many of the house’s resources into expanding their trade network. Those who did not share Lanne’s optimism often took this opportunity to make sure that many of their children were either assigned to these new posts or fostered off world, just in case. Lanne also made efforts to bury the hatchet with many of their Dynastic rivals, and further trading ties with the Adeptus Mechanicus.

By 792.M41 the Donnachaidh Dynasty had reached new levels of wealth and respect within the Calixis Sector. All was going well until one of the House’s trading ships within the Caledon system send out an astropathic distress call that it was under attack by unknown forces. When local reinforcements arrived they found the transport highly damaged and bereft of all crew. Its walls smeared with blood and its void locks torn asunder. It had been centuries since pirates last had the gaul to strike at any ship this close to Caledon. This was enough to convince Lanne to order their remaining warships back home, if nothing else to hunt pirates.

The Witch’s Reaping (797-814.M41)

In an area of the Caledon System known as the Shattered Sea several system monitor ships had noted brief encounters with ships of a unknown make. A large project to unearth the Black Shepard was underway in Caledon’s capital and doomsayer’s cried out in the street that the end had come and to repent.

The warp storm known as the Witch’s Reaping swept into the system while the battle lines were being draw. There were reports of conflict with an enemy fleet, and even the newly raised Black Shepard was forced to make an emergency warp translation in order to escape several enemy vessels bering down upon it. With the head of house missing her third eldest son Captain Sconnlan took provisional control of the Houses remaining assets with the goal of waiting out the warp storm. During that time he mostly mismanaged house assets, and relied on the captains of other ships to set their own trade routes and manage their own affairs.

The Avarice War (814-816.M41)

When the Witch’s Reaping past in 809.M41 it revealed a Caledon System minus Caledon itself, which had vanished leaving no trace or debris. The other void stations of colonies within the Caledon system were found abandoned, and the shattered hulk of one of Lanne’s ships was found in a slow orbit of the System’s only gas giant with no sign of survivors. Problem upon problem piled upon Clan Donnachaidh, the disappearance of Caledon caused subsector wide spikes in food prices. This in turn drove food riots on the manufactory colonies on the moon of Kelt, without available manpower to subdue the riots Sconnlan requested the aid from the Noble Houses of Kelt only to have them annex the colonies. As Clan Donnachaidh’s neighbors smelled weakness they one by one moved in with the hopes of carving off a piece of the fallen Dynasty.

The house largely survived the assault although it lost much of its territory and former wealth. Sconlann was killed in a fleet battle between a hastily assembled fleet of merchant ships and the combined forces of two other rival organizations. House soldiers fought hopping from war zone to war zone never resting for long. Jyx Malone in temporary command carried out behind enemy lines raids against enemy strongholds forcing entire flotillas to be diverted to find and destroy one ship. While Nail traveled to Scintilla and eventually secured the end of the Avarice War through a decision by the Lord-Sector.

History of the Donnachaidh Dynasty

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