Horuus Actions Breakdown

Making Rolls and You:

A tale of numbers and where they came from.

This page is very wordy, because I’m disorganized as F**k.

Part 1: Combat Actions

Part 2: Rolling other things… – (literally, more than half of this is just about using Horuus’s rippling muscles in some way)

Part 3: Armour, Toughness and Taking Fire damage.

Part 1:

Don’t bother using ranged weapons unless you know there isn’t going to be a way to get into melee with anyone for at least 5+ turns.

Attack actions:

Gain + 10 to weapon skill when using Horuus’s Power Axe for anything, but -10 when parrying with it (for a total of + 0 on a parry with it (I recommend parrying with the shield).

Recommend using Logis Implant during first round as a free action (+ 10 to WS and BS until end of next turn) and fate point to reroll a fail (or ignore this talent and save the fates)

You can attack up to 4 (WS of 47) targets within melee range of you thanks to Whirlwind of Death talent.

Recommend using All Out Attacks in combination with Logis Implant and Charge Attacks. You’re armour and toughness should shrug off most attacks until you see something scary.

You have Thunderous Charge talent. You can charge strait through people to get to a target, knocking them prone (and making them waste a turn to stand) if you win an opposed Strength test (See lower section on making a STR test). (note: you have a 24 meter charge distance, so go zig-zag bowling if you can)

Combat Movement:
Half = 8
Full = 16 (20 with Sprint talent. Sprint adds AGI modifier to Full move (so + 4))
Charge= 24
Run = 48 (60 with Sprint Talent. Sprint is supposed to double “Run” speed, but Gus says no, so stick with this)

Need to run faster? DRINK POWER-THIRST!: Don’t forget about the Sprint talent

Sprint Requires a toughness test if used 2 turns in a row. Use Athletics Skill instead of Toughness as this is fatigue related to running/swimming/climbing.

Grappling: See Strength Tests Below

Jumping/Leaping: Use Acrobatics in place of relevant agility tests. It gets + 20 from dem legs for jumping or leaping.

Falling: Use Manipulator Mechadendrite to anchor as a free action to anything reasonable in 1.5 meters. If you fell wile climbing, its a STR roll under 100 after modifiers (zomg don’t fail).

If it’s just a normal fall with nothing close to anchor too, then good luck on that acrobatics roll (Hah!).

Part 2:

Carrying, Lifting, Pushing, Throwing:

All Carrying, lifting, pushing, and throwing tests can be done at a -10 to double the respective limits of what you’re doing. page 36 and 37 of Only War.

Don’t be afraid to throw your/some weight around (or Cadfel’s tiny fleshy weight).

Horuus has enough carrying capacity to actually carry Cadfel and his gear without encumbrance if you drop the 60kg of Demo charges. So if you need to make a speedy escape, have Cadfel jump on Horuus’s shoulders and cut loose the bag of Demo charges (preferably with a grenade de-pinned in it), and Sprint like the floor is lava (also, Thunderous Charge if their bodies block your path).

Sum of TB and SB Max Carrying Weight Max Lifting Weight Max Pushing Weight
13 225 kg (495 lbs) 450 kg (990 lbs 900 kg (1,980 lbs)
15 450 kg (990 lbs) 900 kg(1,980 lbs)* 1,800 kg (3,960 lbs)

The second set of numbers is what you can lift/carry/push/throw when you activate the “Heft” special use of Athletics:

  • HEFT
    Athletes are also known for their strength and can
    lift great weights for short periods of time. As a
    Free Action a character may make a Challenging
    (+0) Athletics Skill Test to increase his carrying
    capability for a single encounter. For every Degree
    of Success the character achieves, his Strength is
    increased by 10 for the purposes of how much
    weight he can carry, lift, or drag (see page 36), to
    a maximum modified Strength of 100. Hefting can
    only be attempted once, and if the character fails the
    Test, he cannot try again until the next encounter.

Bulging Biceps adds a bonus to this roll

    Tier: 2
    Prerequisite: Strength 45
    Aptitudes: Strength, Offence
    Whereas … brace.
    In addition, whenever the character uses the Athletics Heft
    Special Skill Use (see page 117) he may add +20 to his
    Athletics Skill Test to reflect his massive muscles.

So you must roll under 100 for the Heft use. You get 2 free degree’s of success from Unnatural STR x4 (which means a roll of 99 is enough to get +20 STR putting me at the 100 limit of the skill).

A character’s Lifting Weight represents the maximum amount
of weight he can pick up off the ground. A character may
attempt to move while holding a heavy load, but if that load
exceeds his Carry Weight he is Encumbered. Lifting a heavy
load is considered a Full Round Action. A character can
attempt to lift more than his limit by making a Challenging
(+0) Strength Test. For every Degree of Success achieved
on a successful Test, the character gains +1 to the sum of
his Strength Bonus and Toughness Bonus for the purpose
of determining limits. If the character gains two or more
Degrees of Failure, he immediately gains one level of Fatigue.

Pushing Weight is the maximum amount of weight a character
can push across a smooth surface like a ship’s corridor or the
polished stone floor of a dark temple. Difficult terrain can
make pushing objects difficult or even impossible. Pushing an
object is treated as a Full Round Action, and pushing weight
up to his limit requires no Test. Pushing weight that exceeds
the sum of his Toughness Bonus and Strength Bonus requires
a successful Challenging (+0) Strength Test. Each Degree
of Success adds +1 to the sum of the character’s Strength
Bonus and Toughness Bonus for the purpose of determining
limits. If the character gains two or more Degrees of Failure,
he immediately gains one level of Fatigue.

Throwing: You can throw anything that weighs up to half your normal Lifting Weight

So, lets say you wanted to throw something that weighed 900 kg. You would need to activate Heft as a free action, roll at least 99 or lower on the Athletics test, and then roll under 110 (100 from Heft modified STR, and + 20 from Manipulator Mechadendrite) on a – 10 Strength ( – 10 is throw double) test. You get 2 free degree’s of success on both of those rolls.

Skill and Characteristic Tests:

I would have cleaned up the previous section, but I was busy suplexing a shark wearing a bolo tie. You may ask, who was wearing the bolo tie; You or the shark?
Answer: Yes~.

Strength Tests:
Base Strength of 80

  • Unnatural Strength x4: Add 2 Free extra degree’s of success on all strength related skill tests (grapple, intimidate, athletics, throwing, climbing,opposed STR tests, etc)
  • +20 bonus to Strength tests from Manipulator Mechadendrite (not sure if this applies to STR related skills, vague wording)

Parry: Parry has a base 40 from Weapon Skill, and +30 from my shield for 70

  • +10 for Best Craftsmanship
  • +5 for Custom Grip
  • +15 for Defensive Quality

Common Lore: Assume you have ANY and every Scolastic Lore at atleast trainted + 0. Gain 1 free Degree of success on sucesses. (Infused Knowledge)

Scolatic Lore: Assume you have ANY and every Scolastic Lore at atleast trainted + 0.
Gain 1 free Degree of success on sucesses. (Infused Knowledge)

Security: Gains a +30 if you are using it on a physical Lock

Tech-Use: Total Roll is 80 as long as the following 2 bonus’s apply.

  • + 10 from Combi-tool
  • + 10 from Utility Mechadendrite

Good Quality Power Axe
Best Quality Shield
Good Quality HellRifle
Carapace Armour

Sacred Ungents
60kg of Demolition Charge – I recommend using it to blow things/armies of people up. (using all 60kg will result in a 300 meter radius, 3d10 + 120 Explosive (yes 120) damage. (3d10 + 2 per kg and 5 radius per kg)

If there is something I didn’t clarify or you want to know, you can just text me. I’ll be bored on a highway drive if I’m not actually with you.

Part 3

(just in case Gus filters all my e-mails into his junk folder, here’s the breakdown I sent him on where my armour comes from, in-case there is speculation)

Toughness and Armour By BEAR BLASTING Location:

7 AP to Head (Carapace 5, Monger 1, Machine 1) and 6 Toughness
14 AP to chest (Carapace 5, Monger 1, Machine 1, Subskin 2, Heart 1, Shield 4) and 7 Toughness
9 AP to right arm (Carapace 5, Monger 1, Machine 1, Subskin 2) and 6 Toughness
13 AP to left arm ((Carapace 5, Monger 1, Machine 1, Subskin 2, Shield 4) and 6 Toughness
9 AP to Legs (Carapace 5, Monger 1, Machine 1, Subskin 2) and 7 Toughness

All fire damage is reduced by Armour (even the kind when I am set on fire or critical effects)- > Machine Trait


Worn Armor:
Enforcer Light Carapace +5 AP all locations

Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Intelligence 35, Tech-Use, Trade (Armourer)
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Tech
The character is a skilled armourer and constantly tinkers and
improves his armour or keeps it in pristine shape by repairing
the slightest damage it sustains. With years of training, the
character has even learned to enhance the protection afforded
by his armour and how to use it to its optimum. The character
increases the Armour Points of any armour he wears by 1
on all locations it would normally cover, as long as he has at
least an hour each day to clean and repair it or make minor
modifications. This bonus applies only to armour when worn
by the character, as it combines his training as much as his
skill at armoury.

A creature with the Machine Trait is fashioned from inorganic
materials and is generally more rigorous then fleshy folks.
Machines do not breathe, are immune to the effects of a
vacuum, extremes of cold, any mind-influencing psychic
effect, and their Armour Points apply toward fire Damage.
Machines have a certain number of Armour Points (indicated
by the number in parentheses). This armour stacks with worn
armour, but not with the Natural Armour Trait.

The paranoid (or the prepared) are ever willing to replace
crude flesh with more durable, armoured materials—the
light armour shielding of a bionic heart provides a last line
of defence. Superior models can be triggered to pump more
rapidly to increase physical capacity, though this risks stroke
or other catastrophe as the rest of the circulatory system is
put under pressure. A character with this implant gains +1
Armour to the Body location—this bonus stacks with any
armour worn—and gains the Sprint Talent.

Thin carapace plating is inserted under the skin in various
locations, giving the user added protection against damage.
While not as impressive as most augmentations and
sometimes uncomfortable, subskin armour is very reliable.
This implant adds +2 Armour Points to the Arms, Body,
and Legs locations. The bonus is added to any other Armour
Points for these locations.

Personally Best-Crafted Shield
+4 AP to left arm and Body.

Horuus Actions Breakdown

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