HotE talents

New Talents

aCe operator
Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Operate (Any) +10

“The Imperial Guard might teach you to fght, but it doesn’t teach
you to survive. That you have to fgure out on your own. The good
news is that you’re already doing it by the time you fgure it out. And
if you don’t, well, you probably didn’t live long enough to regret it.”
–Private Mercito Grant

Aptitudes: Agility, Tech
The character is known for maintaining masterful control of his
vehicle through seemingly reckless manoeuvres, often astounding
others with his daring and skill. Of course, such abilities are not
earned without making some number of mistakes along the way.
This character has survived making the common errors long

his section of hammer of the emperor introduces new
Talents for only War Characters. As with the Talents

enough to not only recognise them, but also maintain some
amount of control even when they are unavoidable.
Whenever the character fails an Operate Test, he may

presented here lists two Aptitudes and might have Prerequisites,
which a character must meet before selecting the Talent. The
new Talents presented in this chapter are purchased just as those

spend a Fate Point to reduce his Degrees of Failure on the
Test by his Agility Bonus.

in the only War Core Rulebook (see page 136 of that volume).


abIdIng resIlIenCe

Tier: 1

Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Toughness 40
Aptitudes: Toughness, Defence
Whether driven by hatred for his enemies, loyalty to his allies,
or sheer pride, the character refuses to die until a job is fnished.
When this character expends a Fate Point to regain Wounds
(see page 33 of the only War Core Rulebook), he regains a
number of Wounds equal to 1d5 + his Toughness Bonus (instead
of 1d5 Wounds as normal) and removes 1 level of Fatigue.

Aptitudes: Agility, Fieldcraft
The Tactica Imperialis teaches that a battle is easily won if the
enemy does not know he is fghting. This character takes this
maxim to heart, striving to always make the most of a the
element of surprise and fnish fghts before they truly begin.
This character’s attacks against Unaware Targets infict
1 additional Damage for every 2 Degrees of Success on the
Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill Test beyond the frst.

Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 40, Tech-Use, Weapon
Training (Launcher)
Aptitudes: Offence, Tech
Due to many years of training, and an obsession that squad mates
might fnd unnerving, the character is an expert with explosive
weapons and has an uncanny control over where projectiles land.
This character may make ranged attacks with weapons
with the Indirect Quality targeting locations he cannot see as
a Half Action instead of a Full Action as normal. When fring
a weapon with the Indirect Quality or throwing a grenade,
this character rolls twice to determine the direction that his

CreatIve kIller
Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Street Fighting
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Offence
This character sees everything as a potential weapon, and
can kill while wielding with almost anything he can get his
hands on. Though his squad mates likely fnd this particular
knack disconcerting at best, few of them are likely to
comment on it for obvious reasons.
When this character attacks with an improvised weapon,
it uses the following profle instead of the default profle:
Melee; 1d10–1 I; Pen 0; Ogryn-Proof, Unbalanced.

attacks scatters and may choose either result.

CybernetIC boost

CalCulated barrage

One or more Cybernetic Limbs, Tech-Use

Tier: 1
Prerequisite: Intelligence 35
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Knowledge
This character is exceptionally good at conceptualizing
the battlefeld and picking just the right place to drop vast
amounts of explosives to maximum effect—not just on the
enemies bodies, but also on their morale.
Whenever this character or his Comrade fres a weapon
with the Indirect Quality, if at least one hit lands within a
number of metres equal to his Intelligence Bonus of an enemy,
that target must make a Routine (+20) Pinning Test (see
page 255 of the only War Core Rulebook).
ChaIn Weapon expertIse
Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Weapon Skill 40 Weapon Training (Chain)
Aptitudes: Weapon Skill, Offence
From the chainswords wielded by offcers and other leadership
fgures to the eviscerators favoured by the priests of the Adeptus
Ministorum, chain weapons are a common sight amongst the
armouries of the Imperial Guard. The character has extensive
experience using chain weapons, and knows how to use them to
full effect, ripping apart the bodies of the foes of humanity.
When using a chain weapon with the Tearing Quality,
this character rolls two additional dice for Damage (rather
than the usual one die that the Tearing Quality grants) and
discards the two lowest Damage dice results.
Cleanse and purIfy
Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Willpower 35, Weapon Training (Flame)
Aptitudes: Offence, Willpower
The character is a frm believer in the purifying power of
fre—that the heretic, xenos, and witch must be incinerated
lest their corruption spread.
When this character hits an enemy with an attack from
a weapon with the Flame Quality, that enemy suffers
a –20 penalty on his Agility Test to avoid catching fre.
Additionally, when this character inficts Righteous Fury
on an attack with a weapon with the Flame Quality, the
target is automatically set on fre.

Aptitudes: Intelligence, Tech
Cybernetics are an important part of life for many members
of the Imperial Guard, for soldiers often need to replace lost
or crippled limbs and organs of vulnerable fesh and blood
with assuredly superior appendages and devices of metal and
oil. Though most Guardsmen know better than to tamper
with these sacred devices, some enterprising (or foolish)
individuals have been known to modify the baseline capacities
of these devices, allowing them to get a short burst of power
by overloading the device in a semi-controlled fashion.
As a Half Action, this character may spend a Fate Point and
make a Challenging (+0) Tech-Use Test. If he succeeds, he
gains either the Unnatural Agility (X) or Unnatural Strength (X)
Trait, where X is equal to one, plus one for every two additional
Degrees of Success he scores on the Test (or increases existing
versions of those Traits by X). These Traits persist for a number
of Rounds equal to his Intelligence Bonus. The character may
end the effect at any time. At the end of each Round in which the
character allows it to persist, he gains 1 level of Fatigue.
CybernetIC CalIbratIons
Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Two or more Cybernetics, Tech-Use +10,
Cybernetic Boost
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Tech
This character, either through initiation into the mysteries
of the Omnissiah or tinkering that would certainly attract
negative attention from such individuals, has fne-tuned his
cybernetic implants to a point of optimization.
All of this character’s Cybernetics count as being one level
of Craftsmanship higher than their base Craftsmanship (so,
for instance, a Poor Craftsmanship bionic arm would become
Common Craftsmanship, or a Good Craftsmanship limb
would become Best Craftsmanship).

death serves the rIghteous


Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 50, Deadeye Shot, Sharpshooter
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Offence
The character is a consummate killer, with focus such that
time seems to slow down when he holds a target in his sights
and the battlefeld fades away except for his target. With a
pull of the trigger, he delivers the Emperor’s redemption,
devastating his foe with a precision attack.
Once per Combat Encounter, this character may spend a
Fate Point in order to change a result of 1 on a single Damage
die from a ranged attack to a result of 10. This can infict
Righteous Fury as normal.

Tier: 1
Prerequisite: Weapon Skill 35, Sure Strike
Aptitudes: Finesse, Weapon Skill
Thanks to extensive practice in ritualised duels, years of fghting
in impromptu rings, or other specifc training, this character is
particularly skilled at engaging single opponents on his own.
While engaged in melee with only a single opponent
who is not engaged in melee with anyone else, this character
counts as scoring an additional two Degrees of Success on his
successful Weapon Skill Tests.
exCellent Cook

don’t you dIe on me!

Tier: 1

Though the clerks of the Departmento Munitorum seemingly
refuse to recognise the fact, a good meal can provide a great
boost to morale for weary troops. A well-fed squad usually
takes to the feld in higher spirits. Additionally, simply
having a good meal to look forward to can give a soldier
the necessary drive to fght on, where others might lose all
hope. Preparing a proper meal, of course, requires a minimum
of certain ingredients, which can be procured legitimately or
pilfered from the regiment’s larder.
Once per game session, this character may make a
Point make a Very Hard (–30) Medicae Test in an attempt to Challenging (+0) Trade (Cook) Test. This Action

revive him. This Test requires a Full Action, and he must spend
a Fate Point each time he wishes to attempt it. If he succeeds
on one of these Tests within a number of Rounds equal to his
Intelligence Bonus, he manages to bring the fallen ally back
from the edge. Resuscitating a character in this way does not
reverse any other consequences of the injury that “killed” the
character, such as lost limbs or Characteristic Damage.
drop trooper
Tier: 1
Prerequisite: Operate (Aeronautica)
Aptitudes: Agility, Tech
The character is a veteran of many low altitude combat drops,
accomplishing the death-defying feat almost by rote.
This character treats the default Operate (Aeronautica)
Test to use a grav chute as Simple (40) instead of Routine
20) (see page 201 of the only War Core Rulebook).
Additionally, on a Failed Test, the character counts as having
fallen only 1 metre per Degree of Failure on the Test.

requires at least several minutes. At the Game Master’s
discretion, the character might gain a bonus to this Test
for acquiring certain ingredients to truly enhance the meal.
If he succeeds, all members of the Squad gain a +5 bonus
to Willpower Tests to resist the effects of Fear and Pinning
until the end of the next encounter. If the cook succeeds by
fve or more Degrees of Success, the frst time each member
of the Squad uses a Fate Point before the end of the next
encounter, that character rolls 1d10. On a result of 10, that
character still gains the beneft of using the Fate Point, but
the Fate Point does not count as having been expended.
feat of strength
Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Strength 45, Bulging Biceps
Aptitudes: Offence, Strength
The character’s prodigious strength has seen them through
numerous encounters. Where another soldier might seek
to formulate a plan or fnd a clever, indirect solution, this
character simply redoubles his brute efforts and pushes
himself beyond his limits in the hopes of solving the
problem with raw strength.
This character may spend a Fate Point to gain the Unnatural
Strength (X) Trait or increase his Unnatural Strength Trait by
X until the end of his Turn, where X is a number up to his
Strength Bonus. At the end of his Turn, he gains a number of
levels of Fatigue equal to the amount he chose for X.

fInal Judgement


Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Fellowship 45, Air of Authority, Deadeye Shot
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Leadership
Discipline within the Imperial Guard is harsh and, often,
terminal. The Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer lists
22 transgressions punishable by death, 14 of those by
shooting. While feld execution is most associated with
the Commissars of the Departmento Munitorum, they
are not the only offcers to take such action—whether
offcially sanctioned or not. The commanders responsible
for shepherding penal legions quite often must make the
ultimate sanction against their men, often in large groups.
It is not unheard of for the leaders of particularly savage—
or disciplined—regiments to do the same. The character is
experienced in meting out such terminal punishment, and
has honed these skills for maximum effect on the battlefeld,
both to motivate his allies and dishearten the enemy.
Once per Combat Encounter after killing a target with a
Ranged Attack, this character may spend a Fate Point and
make a Challenging (+0) Command Test. If he succeeds,
each of his allies within 10 metres gains a bonus equal to
5 times his Degrees of Success to the next Ballistic Skill or
Weapon Skill Test he makes before the end of the encounter
and each of his foes within 10 metres suffers a penalty equal
to 5 times his Degrees of Success to the next Ballistic Skill or
Weapon Skill Test he makes before the end of the encounter.

Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Agility 40
Aptitudes: Agility, Defence
Some guardsmen develop an almost fanatical sense of loyalty
to their offcers or squad mates, and are even willing to trade
their own lives to protect others.
As a Reaction, this character may spend a Fate Point and
expend all of his Actions for the next Round to switch places
with an ally within 2 metres, so long as there is no physical
obstruction to prevent it. The character becomes the target of
any attacks previously targeting the ally.
heroIC InspIratIon
Tier: 1
Prerequisite: Fellowship 35, Command
Aptitudes: Leadership, Social
This character is exceptionally skilled at knowing just what
to say to bring out the best in his squad mates and keep
them on task in the worst of situations, though whether this
is through wise words, fery rhetoric, or mild provocation
depends on the individual and the situation.
Once per Turn, this character can use the Inspire Special
Use of the Command Skill as a Half Action instead of a Full
Action (see page 119 of the only War Core Rulebook).

lasgun volley

melta Weapon expertIse

Tier: 1
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 30, Weapon Training (Las)
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, General
The character has trained extensively with his trusty lasgun,
including endless drills with his fellow soldiers, ensuring
that their shots are perfectly timed to infict maximum
damage upon the enemy.
For each Comrade who is part of any Ranged Volley Order
this character issues, this character deals +1 additional Damage
(to a maximum of +3 Damage) with any attack he makes
with a las weapon (such as a lasgun, lascarbine, laspistol, or
lascannon) for that Round in addition to the normal beneft.
las Weapon expertIse
Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 35, Lasgun Volley
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, General
Though all Guardsmen are expected to be profcient with their
main weapon and for most this is the noble lasgun, some troopers
exceed these baseline expectations and become incredible shots
with their lasguns, turning them into the instruments of death
that the Emperor most assuredly intended them to be.
Whenever this character attacks with a las weapon (such as
a lasgun, lascarbine, laspistol, or lascannon), he imposes a –5
penalty on Dodge Tests to avoid the attack for every Degree
of Success he scores beyond the frst (to a maximum of –30).
las Weapon mastery
Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 45, Las Weapon Expertise
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, General
The character’s time spent training with las weapons is
perhaps only exceeded by his time spent using them to kill
the enemies of the God-Emperor in the felds of war. The
character is an expert with las weapons, attuned as much to
the weapon’s machine spirit as to its physical characteristics.
Whenever this character makes an attack with a las weapon
(such as a lasgun, lascarbine, laspistol, or lascannon), he deals
+1 additional Damage for every two Degrees of Success he
scores on the Ballistic Skill Test beyond the frst.
loCk on
Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Perception 40, Vigilant
Aptitudes: Offence, Perception
This character is known for a steely, unfinching gaze and an
uncanny ability to hold a target in his sights even as he calmly
sidesteps attacks, casually sliding the minimum distance
required to evade a fatal blow without blinking.
The character may make Dodge Reactions while
maintaining an Aim Action or Overwatch Action without
losing the benefts of the Action.

Special Use of the Medicae Skill, this character may reduce
that Damage by an amount equal to his Intelligence Bonus.

Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 40, Weapon Training (Melta)
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Offence
Meltaguns are extremely powerful and dangerous weapons, but
also frequently require the frer to draw dangerously close to his
target to use the weapon at full effectiveness. This character has
learned to compensate for the disadvantages of these powerful
weapons over the course of numerous and varied missions,
keeping the blast focused over longer ranges with careful shots.
When fring any melta weapon (such as an inferno pistol,
meltagun, and multi-melta), this character counts its Range
as being increased by a number of metres equal to two times
his Ballistic Skill Bonus.
Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 50, Melta Weapon Expertise
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Offence
When engaging vehicles or war engines of fesh and blood,
Imperial Guardsmen look to special weapons such as the
meltagun to bring down these behemoths that their lasguns
cannot fell. As such, mastering the use of the meltagun can be
critical to the survival of not only the individual Guardsman
assigned to wield it, but to his entire squad.
Whenever this character makes an attack with a melta
weapon (such as an inferno pistol, meltagun, and multi-melta),
he deals +2 additional Penetration for every two Degrees of
Success he scores on the Ballistic Skill Test beyond the frst.
This bonus applies after the doubling of Penetration for the
Melta Quality whenever that Quality takes effect.
mental maze
Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Intelligence 35, Strong Minded
Aptitudes: Defence, Intelligence
Through a harsh mental regimen, this character has developed a
system of mental defence against mental intrusion that puts not
only his strength of will but also his cunning to work, trapping
his foe in a disorienting cage of memory and thought.
Whenever this character succeeds on a Willpower Test
made as part of an Opposed Test for a Psychic Power (either
his opponent’s or his own), he may spend a Fate Point. If he
does, he gains a number of additional Degrees of Success
equal to his Intelligence Bonus.
methodICal Care
Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Intelligence 40, Swift Suture
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Knowledge
This character does his utmost to make sure that his comrades
do not die on the operating table. Though no medic can
save every patient, this character’s drive to preserve every life
possible is refected in his rate of success.
Whenever one of this character’s patients would suffer
Damage from a failed Test made as part of the Extended Care


Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Perception 45, Bulging Biceps
Aptitudes: Perception, Offence
The character has spent enough time fghting the enemies of
the Imperium to know that some creatures do not die when
all sense says that they should expire, and that it is better to
be safe than sorry when dealing with the unknown.
When this character hits with a ranged attack, he may
make a Challenging (+0) Perception Test as a Reaction.
If he succeeds, he adds his Degrees of Success on this
Perception Test to the Degrees of Success he scored on the
original Ballistic Skill Test for the attack.

persuasIve Charm

modIfy payload
Tier: 1
Prerequisite: Tech-Use
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Tech
In many squads, there is one soldier who is always tinkering
with the sacred munitions handed down by the Departmento
Munitorum, tweaking their specifcations so that they are as
lethal to the enemies of the Emperor as possible. Though
their squad mates frequently give them a wide berth, such
individuals are usually quite skilled at this fne-tuning.
After all, those who are insuffciently talented are quickly
winnowed away by the consequences of their own meddling.
When preparing a grenade, missile, or round that has the
Blast or Smoke Quality (see pages 182–183 of the only War
Core Rulebook), this character may make a Challenging
(+0) Tech-Use Test using the Demolitions Special Use of
the Skill. If he succeeds, the weapon increases Damage (if
it deals Damage normally) and its Blast or Smoke Quality
by 1, plus 1 for every three additional Degrees of Success
beyond the frst that he scores on the Test. If he fails by a
number of Degrees of Failure greater than his Intelligence
Bonus, however, he accidentally triggers the device, causing
it to detonate immediately.

Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Fellowship 35, Charm
Aptitudes: Fellowship, Social
Those individuals tasked with distributing supplies amongst
the regiments of the Imperial Guard are notoriously taciturn
when faced with requests for additional equipment, harried as
they are by countless requests from countless soldiers, many
of which are simply not within their power to fulfl. This
character, however, is a master at convincing such individuals
to help his case, and he can sometimes convince even the most
foul-tempered bureaucrats to work a miracle for his squad.
Once per game session, before the Squad makes a Logistics
Test, this character can make a Diffcult (–10) Charm Test
in an attempt to convince the regimental quartermaster or
other distributor of supplies to assist the Squad. If he succeeds,
the Squad gains a +5 bonus on the Logistics Test for every
Degree of Success this character scores on the Charm Test,
to a maximum of +30. At the Game Master’s discretion,
the Charm Test might be harder, especially if the Squad has
earned the ire of this particular representative in the past.
plasma Weapon expertIse
Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 40, Weapon Training (Plasma)
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Tech
Plasma guns are incredibly lethal weapons, but are also
somewhat notorious for getting their wielders killed. Though
it is a great honour to be assigned to use a plasma gun, it
is a somewhat dubious one, as the user risks the weapon
overheating and burning him each time he opens fre with
it. Though the user can frequently drop his weapon to avoid
the fery exhaust it sometimes expels, doing so leaves him
disarmed, which can be far more dangerous than even plasma
burns on the feld of battle. Those soldiers experienced with
such weapons learn various techniques to avoid being harmed
by their arms without discarding them and thus risking the
wrath of their foes and their Commissars alike.
Whenever this character wields a plasma weapon (such as
a plasma pistol, plasma gun, or plasma cannon) with the
Overheats Quality, that weapon only Overheats on a roll
of 96 or higher or on a Jam.

plasma Weapon mastery
Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 50, Plasma Weapon Expertise
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Tech
This character has not only learned to minimise the risk to
himself with a plasma gun, but has become exceptionally adept
at directing its lethal fury while fring it on its optimal setting.
When this character fres a plasma weapon (such as a
plasma pistol, plasma gun, or plasma cannon) with the
Maximal Quality on the Maximal setting, the weapon adds
an additional 2 bonus to Damage, its Penetration, and its
Blast Quality (to a total of an additional 1d10
2 Damage,
+4 Penetration, and +4 to its Blast Quality).

part of his own body. As such, he can be extremely accurate
with it, taking careful aim even under the worst stresses that
the battlefeld can throw at him.
Once per combat encounter, this character may take an
Aim Action as a Free Action before making an attack with a
weapon of the chosen group.
A character must possess the corresponding Weapon Training
in order to select this Talent. A character can select this Talent
more than once, each time with a different specialisation.
rIghteous bloW
Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 45 or Weapon Skill 45 or
Willpower 45

Tier: 1
Prerequisite: Strength 30
Aptitudes: Offense, Strength
When facing down the terrible foes of the Imperium, most
soldiers prefer to be standing behind the largest guns available.
Though this is perhaps wise, it is rarely the case for the vast
majority of Guardsmen. As such, many Guardsmen become
adept at fghting with other weapons, including their bare hands.
This character may make a Feint Action as a Free Action
when making an unarmed All-Out Attack Action or Standard
Attack Action. Additionally, he may make Called Shot Actions
as a Half Action when making unarmed attacks.

Aptitudes: Offence, Willpower
The character is an instrument of divine wrath, bringing the
Emperor’s judgment to the enemies of Mankind. He strikes
without hesitation, crushing his foes utterly in the name of the
God-Emperor. In battle, doubt has no place in his mind and mercy
holds no sway over his heart, for those who have fallen from the
light of the God-Emperor fnd redemption only in annihilation.
When the character inficts Righteous Fury with an attack
or Psychic Power for which he achieved three or more
Degrees of Success on the attack roll or Focus Power Test,
he rolls twice to determine the amount of Critical Damage
he inficts with Righteous Fury and takes the higher result.

push the lImIt

Tier: 1
Prerequisite: Operate (Any One), Technical Knock
Aptitudes: Agility, Tech
This character has devised a method for operating the controls
of a vehicles that falls somewhat outside the standards of
operation meticulously set forth in the doctrinal manuals of
the Departmento Munitorum, to say nothing of the august
tech-rites of the Enginseers responsible for maintaining the
vehicle. Though it can sometimes put unnecessary strain
on the vehicle, many operators nonetheless fnd that such
methods can mean the difference between life and death,
especially in the deadly battles between armoured units.
Once per Round as part of a Vehicle Movement Action
(see pages 272–273 of the only War Core Rulebook), the
character may choose to add a +10 bonus to the associated
Test. However, if he fails the Test, his vehicle loses 1 point of
Structural Integrity (ignoring Armour) per Degree of Failure.

ranged Weapon expert

Tier: 3
Specialisations: Bolt, Flame, Heavy, Las, Launcher, Melta,
Plasma, Low Tech, and Solid Projectile
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 50, Weapon Training (Chosen Group)
Aptitudes: Finesse, Ballistic Skill
Though capable with a variety of ranged weapons, the
character has honed his training to become particularly
lethal with a certain, specifc kind of arm. His
experience with this weapon is so expansive that
he treats it less as a separate object and more as a

rIte of statIC overload

solId proJeCtIle Weapon expertIse

Tier: 2
Prerequisite: One or more Cybernetic limbs, Tech-Use +10
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Tech
Cybernetic limbs and mechadendrites are typically designed

Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 35, Weapon Training
(Solid Projectile)
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Finesse

to be insulated against any loss of control over the energies Though most Guardsmen wield some variant of the
within, thus protecting their users from the risks associated redoubtable lasgun, which many representatives and
with powerful electric currents running through the body. propaganda parcels from the Departmento Munitorum

However, some users of such cybernetic appendages learn
to unleash the energies that control these limbs, in a more
or less controlled fashion depending on whether or not the
Omnissiah smiles upon their efforts.
This character may make a Challenging (0) Tech-Use
Test as a Half Action to attempt to channel the energies
within one or more of his cybernetic limbs outward. If he
succeeds, for a number of Rounds equal to his Intelligence
Bonus, his attacks with these limbs (be they unarmed attacks
with a bionic arm or leg, attacks with an inbuilt weapon,
or attacks with a mechadendrite of some sort) gain the
Shocking Quality. After a number of Rounds equal to his
Intelligence Bonus or if he fails the Test by four or more
Degrees of Failure, the cybernetic appendage shuts down
until he can dedicate several minutes to fxing it with a
Routine (
20) Tech-Use Test.
saCred flame

assure them is the most potent weapon available for use
in the feld, some regiments or individuals prefer to use
solid projectile weapons, despite their relative ammunition
limitations. Troopers can learn to overcome this weakness,
however, and become extremely adept at clearing jams
without sacrifcing all of their ammunition.
When this character clears a jam from any Solid
Projectile weapon (such as an autopistol, a shotgun, an
autogun, or a vanquisher battle cannon), he may also reload
the weapon as a Free Action as part of the Action to unjam
it. Additionally, only one Round from the weapon’s current
clip is lost instead of the entire clip.
solId proJeCtIle Weapon mastery
Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 45, Solid Projectile Weapon Expertise
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Finesse
Some troopers hone their skills with solid projectile weapons

Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Willpower 40, Cleanse and Purify
Aptitudes: Offence, Willpower
Fire is a strong metaphor for piety to the God-Emperor
of Mankind; it sears away all impurities, leaving only that
which was ordained to survive. Some clerics of the Adeptus
Ministorum describe strong rhetoric as “fery,” as it burns
away the sin of the pious listeners. This character takes this
metaphor to a rather literal extreme, honing his skill with
fre in a way that his squad mates might well see as a pure
expression of his love for the God-Emperor, a dangerous
obsession with fammable substances, or sometimes both.
This character inficts Righteous Fury on a result of 9 or 10
on Damage Rolls from weapons with the Flame Quality.
skIlled rIder

despite their apparently primitive construction, becoming as
well-versed in their use as their most adept lasgun-wielding
counterparts are with their own frearms.
When this character fres a Solid Projectile weapon (such
as an autopistol, a shotgun, an autogun, or a vanquisher battle
cannon), it gains the Proven (X) Quality, where X is equal to
half of his Ballistic Skill Bonus (rounded up).
stealth snIper
Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Stealth +10
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Fieldcraft
This character knows the value of staying hidden even after
battle has been joined, and has learned to time his shots so
that he is extremely diffcult to pinpoint, even after opening
fre into a group of foes.

Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Survival 10
Aptitudes: Agility, Fieldcraft
The character is an accomplished rider, as home in the saddle
as on his own two feet. As such, he long ago learned how to
stay in the saddle—and when to get out as quickly as possible.
If the character would be thrown from his Mount for
any reason, he may make an Ordinary (
10) Survival
Test. If he succeeds, he may either remain on his Mount or
fall safely to the ground, landing on his feet. Additionally,
this character can perform the Mount/Dismount Mounted
Special Action as a Half Action.

Whenever this character makes a Standard Ranged Attack
Action or Ranged Called Shot Action against an enemy
while he is in Cover or otherwise Concealed, he may make a
Challenging (+0) Opposed Stealth Test, opposed by the
Awareness Skill of any foes who might hear or see the shot.
If he succeeds, he remains hidden from his enemies. The GM
should adjust the Diffculty of the character’s Stealth Test or the
enemy’s Awareness Test depending on the noise made by the
weapon the character uses and any other environmental factors.

stIrrIng rhetorIC

the flesh Is Weak

Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Two or more Cybernetics, Tech-Use +10
Aptitudes: Tech, Toughness
This character can make a direct and personal appeal to the The character’s body has undergone signifcant bionic

squad to strive on, not merely ordering them to fght but
calling upon the shared bonds of camaraderie that soldiers
share and truly inspiring them.
Once per game session when using the Inspire Special Use
of the Command Skill, this character may spend a Fate Point.
If he does, the each character affected by his Command Test
gains an additional +5 bonus to his next Skill or Characteristic
Test for every Degree of Success this character scores on the
Command Test (to a maximum of a +30 bonus in total).
sWIft suture
Tier: 1
Prerequisite: Medicae
Aptitudes: Finesse, Intelligence
This character knows the deleterious effects of letting blood
seep from an injury too long, even a small one, and deftly
sews shut any open gashes in and around working to wrap
burns, treat toxins, or set bones.
Whenever this character succeeds on a Test to use the First
Aid Special Use of the Medicae Skill, he also ends the Blood
Loss Condition if the patient is suffering it.
tank hunter

replacement, trading frail fesh for unyielding metal. The
character is more machine than man now, and has the
resilience to prove it, though his squad mates might look
somewhat sceptically upon his bionically enhanced form.
This character gains the Machine (X) Trait, where X is equal
to half of the number of Cybernetics he possesses (rounded
up), to a maximum of an amount equal to his Toughness
Bonus. If he gains a new Cybernetic, the value of the Trait
increases to refect the new Cybernetic. Note that this only
applies to Cybernetics such as bionic replacement limbs and
organ replacements, sub-systems, and mechadendrites (see
page 204 of the only War Core Rulebook), and not to Traits
and Talents that grant similar effects.
Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Toughness 40, Willpower 35
Aptitudes: Defence, Willpower
Through brute force of will or extreme physical resilience,
this character is capable of carrying on through extreme
adversity and exhaustion without losing signifcant effciency.
This character ignores the –10 penalty to all Tests from
Fatigue. He still suffers any other effects of Fatigue as normal.

Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Ballistic Skill 40
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Finesse
The character has faced enemy war machines on numerous
occasions, whether the corrupted battle tanks of rebels and
traitors or the strange grav vehicles of the xenos. From these
experiences, the character has learned where to place his
shots to infict the most damage, targeting fuel reserves, weak
points in armour, or fring slits.
Making a ranged attack against a vehicle, the character adds
his Ballistic Skill Bonus to the Penetration value of his weapon.

trademark Item
Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Fellowship 40, Command 10
Aptitudes: Fellowship, Social
The character possesses a certain item for which he is well
known, such as a decorative cap, a pipe, or even a particular
weapon. While this item is likely against regulation, such is
the character’s bravado, charm, or reputation that his superiors
only rarely berate him for possessing it.
When this Talent is taken, the character must select an
item to be his trademark item. This can be an item already
in the character’s possession, or, with the GM’s permission,
the character can obtain a new item of otherwise trifing
signifcance with no Logistics Test required. As long as the
character’s Trademark Item is prominently displayed, he gains
an additional Degree of Success all successful Interaction Tests
when dealing with members of his regiment, and possibly
with other Imperial forces, at the GM’s discretion.
If the character is able to issue Sweeping Orders, once per
encounter, he may make Diffcult (–10) Command Test to
issue one additional Sweeping Order during his Turn. The
second Sweeping Order must be a different Order from the frst.
The character is quite attached to his Trademark Item, and
must pass a Challenging (
0) Willpower Test in order
to willingly abandon it, even in the face of life-threatening
danger. If the character’s Trademark Item is somehow lost
or destroyed, the character can select a new Trademark Item
after a suitable mourning period, as determined by the GM.

unstoppable Charge


Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Weapon Skill 40, Survival +10
Aptitudes: Fieldcraft, Weapon Skill
Experienced Rough Riders are true masters of mounted
warfare, often able to end a battle with a single, decisive
charge. These deadly riders fully leverage not only their own
considerable skill at arms to impale their enemies, but also the
raw might of their mounts to shatter their foes with a brutal
impact and trampling hooves, talons, or paws.
When the character makes a melee attack as part of a Charge
Action or a Crushing Charge Mounted Special Action, his attack
gains the Felling (X) Quality, where X is equal to half of his
Weapon Skill Bonus (rounded up) (see Mounted Combat on
page 132). In addition, whenever this character makes a melee
attack as part of a Crushing Charge Mounted Special Action, he
deals additional Damage equal to his mount’s Strength Bonus.
versatIle shooter

Tier: 1
Prerequisite: Perception 35
Aptitudes: Offence, Perception
This character has a keen eye, and can hold details in his
vision without losing sight of the whole picture, even in tense
situations. Thanks to this focus, he can prepare himself to
strike at the slightest hint of movement and often catches
more dexterous adversaries off guard.
When using the Overwatch Action, this character may
use his Perception Characteristic instead of his Agility
Characteristic when determining whether he or his triggering
target takes an Action frst, as well as for any Opposed
Agility Tests that Overwatch calls for him to make.
Tier: 1
Prerequisite: Strength 30, Athletics
Aptitudes: Strength, General

Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Sharpshooter, Target Selection
Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Finesse
This character has honed his ability with single-shot weapons
to the point that he can fre almost any precision weapon
nearly as accurately as a rife.
When fring a single shot from a single Pistol, Heavy, or
Vehicle weapon with the Accurate Quality and while beneftting
from an Aim Action, this character treats that weapon as if it was
a Basic weapon for the purposes inficting additional Damage for
additional Degrees of Success on his Ballistic Skill Test (see the
Accurate Quality on page 169 of the only War Core Rulebook).

The character is a practiced grappler, adept at wrestling his
foes to the ground and keeping them there. Regardless of
how he acquired his skills, they give him a considerable
advantage both in brutal melee combat and when having
friendly competitions with squad mates between assignments.
The character use his Athletics Skill in place of his Strength
Characteristic for any Strength Test he is called to make as
part of a Grapple. When he successfully uses the Damage
Opponent Grapple Option, he deals additional Damage equal
to the number of Degrees of Success by which he won the
Opposed Test (see Controller Grapple Options on page
245–246 of the only War Core Rulebook).

veteran Comrade

Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Character Speciality that includes a Comrade
Aptitudes: General, Leadership
This character’s Comrade is particularly experienced or otherwise
talented, and fghts at a level above the average soldier in the
regiment. This Comrade is also more capable of employing
advanced tactical manoeuvres, and has trained to work smoothly
with a partner, even in the chaos and confusion of the battlefeld.
When a character selects this Talent, he must select
one of his Comrades. That Comrade grants the character
an additional +5 bonus to Ballistic Skill Tests when
he participates in the Ranged Volley Order and an
additional +5 bonus to Weapon Skill Tests when he
participates in the Close Quarters Order. Additionally,
this Comrade can participate in Veteran Orders (see
New Orders on page 106).
If the original Comrade for whom the character
purchased this Talent perishes, its effects can be applied
to another Comrade (be that a new Comrade or a
current one) when the character has a chance to request
reinforcements and observe a suitable period of mourning.

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