'Imperial Glory'

Excerpts from Nail Donnachaidh’s tales of adventure involving the ‘Imperial Glory’ and her quirksome crew.

“Now listen here, ye warp-born child,
You’ve far too long this world defiled:
Hidden here in secret pain,
A toy for someone else gain.

This world no more can you call home,
The forests an’ the fields to roam;
You are, my lad, no more a boy,
But a man in Fate’s employ.

To Holy Terra you must travel,
Before yer mind it full unravel;
To bow before the Throne and face,
Our loving Emperor’s warm embrace.

No scorn or fury does He bear,
For a’ those Gifts that at you tear;
Which beat an’ scratch yer Lion’s breast,
An’ taunt an’ plague yer Noble crest.

He’ll teach you how to wield your power,
An’, how as well, your daemons, cower.
His Wisdom is both great and true,
An’ – Oh! if you but only knew!

So come, my child, an’ take my hand,
An’ we shall leave this blightful land;
To board the Glory’s mighty hold,
An’ brave a sea of stars untold."

- Excerpt from “Psyker Unmasked”

The exactness of the Prefectus’ records extended as far as the lists of crew casualties. On a ship as large as the Glory, with her massive engines, batteries of macrocannons, machine shops, plasma drive, and all manner of machinery and heavy equipment, death was common place and often quite messy. And, when possible, the Prefectus made sure that every one of them was recorded in all its colorful details. Deaths were catalogued via a hierarchy of diverse causes, with titles ranging from the commonplace Severe Skull-Fracture During Impromptu BloodBowl Match, to the less common Partial Disembowelment From Escaped Saw-Blade, to the singularly unusual Simultaneous Loss Of All Limbs And Sudden Decompression From Chain-Drive Entanglement On Forward Exterior Hull.

- Excerpt from “‘Tween Decks”

'Imperial Glory'

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