Originally home to a corrupt race of warp worshiping humans who had unthinkably bended knee before alien ruler ship this planet was ordered purged by General Angevin in the early days of the Angevin Crusade during the bleak years. Rather than invest valuable resources into the matter the beleaguered crusade it was destroyed by a cyclonic torpedo carried out by Commander Drusus himself. Nearly a thousand years later a chartists merchant vessel which had been knocked off course made the emergency transition into the system and discovered that within the crater of the torpedo impact the world still lived.

Though it bore no traces of its previous inhabitants forests, green hills, lakes, and valleys had all formed in the continent sized crater. The planets atmosphere was still breathable from within the crater and whiteout it had congealed into crystals containing various valuable salts, minerals and compounds which proved easy to harvest. Though the question of contamination still remained several in the Adeptus Ministorum declared that Drusus’ holy wrath had purified the world and the crater was a symbol of this.

The world was flagged for colonization and currently 3.5 million souls call Rent home. The Capitol of Rent is Hammersmark (pop. 1.1 million) while several smaller settlements ring the crater’s edge where they send out mining crawlers to extract useful compounds and materials which make most of the planet’s tithe.

Planetary Data

Equatorial Circumference: 16,500 miles
Gravity: 0.8G.
Class: Imperial World
Years and Days: Rent takes 234 Terran days to orbit it’s sun and 23.4 Terran hours to rotate. Not major weather changes are observed throughout the year save for lengthening and shortening of days.
Satellites: No major natural or artificial satellites.
Population: 3.5 million.
Atmospheric conditions: Within the large crater dominating the surface a breathable atmosphere is present, outside of this it is too thin to sustain life. Weather in the crater is punctuated by frequent short rain falls.
Governing System: Due to it’s small size Rent is ruled by a hereditary Governor and his appointed collection of burgers who each rule their own appointed settlements.
Climate: Within the habitable crater Rent is a green land of rolling hills, valleys and forests with a temperate climate suited to basic agriculture. Without it is an airless void with, without the thinnest trace of atmosphere to protect it from the local star’s scorching rays.
Society: The capital of Hammersmark prides itself on being a modern imperial world capital, it is organized into three crescent shaped sectors each overlapping the last. The outer industrial section, known as the Rock Quarter, contains the various processing and storage facilities that process minerals gathered by the villages on the edge of the crater and mines within. This outer area of town is also filled with the slums that house miners and other menials within Hammersmark. The middle crescent is the white crescent which houses the wealthier citizens of Rent, important government functionaries, and their places of business. Compared to the claustraphobic, and rundown and haphazard Rock Section it is an open and organized city of gleaming marble. Near that is a large park housing the Govenor palatial estate atop a hill, the Governor’s estate is a 55,000 square meter palace quarried from stone and grey-green glass created when Rent was bombed 1000 years ago.

The smaller mining settlements are often 5-50 thousand strong and can range from simple wooden housing to repurposed mines that have been exhausted. The majority of their inhabitants are uneducated surfs who work at various forms of resource reclamation.
Exports Reactive gasses, salts, organic compounds, complex chemicals, minerals.
Imports Luxury goods, hi-tech goods, medical supplies.
Defenses Each settlement is protected by a detachment of PDF maintained by its Burger, the Hammersmark PDF is answerable directly to the Governor and represents 60% of the planet’s fighting strength and is the only regiment outfitted with fighting vehicles. The best trained soldiers on the planet are the Governor’s palace guard.


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