Lost Worlds

Into the Expanse

wresting fortune from a cautionary tale

Session one

The Explorers arrive in footfall to find that an ancestor of their had left them a genelocked case carrying a astropathic message. The message was not from Arthlan Ballard himself but supposedly from the Righteous Path a ship which is part of an ancient cautionary tale warning against greed. During the Angevin Crusade Captain Ryn of the Righteous Path conquered a world full of glittering golden temples dedicated to their sky-gods and philosopher kings. First he filled his holds with the spoils of war, but there were still riches left that he could not abandon. So he tore the macro-cannons from the mighty instrument of war, followed by the barracks, and the armory, and on and on. Until he finally tore the life sustainer from his vessel trying to take last of the riches left on the conquered heathen world. After this the ship vanished into the warp and was never heard from again.

Now the explorers were in posetion of evidence of the ships location, Magoros, but they were not the only ones as House Bastille had ambushed them and their psyker had made contact with the map. After the Explorers escaped the ambush they located a cartographer who offered to help them in exchange for quietly moving a library off Port Wanderer to Footfall. After a bit of subterfuge with the customs agents the crew of the Black Shepard left Port Wanderer in search of riches untold.

There was a minor hiccup in the maw when they were attacked by pirates and the two Malones managed to whip a damaged pilgrim ship into fighting shape (earning the gratitude of the Ecclesiarchy). They finally arrived at Magoros, and after rescuing the stranded crew of the Righteous Path (or at least their descendants) from the icy Magoros Secundus they explorers tried looking over the surface of Magoros prime. Where they tricked a pack of feral orks and Bastille arms men into fighting and found an alien observatory which reviled to them the location of the Righteous Path.

Second Session

The Explorers have House Bastille’s ship the slip by hiding in the shard halo and sent a few shuttles to explore their prize. They found a ship crewed by mad ghosts who nearly self destructed their ship then hand it to the ‘cowardly’ Donnachidhe Dynasty. Through the actions of the Explorers this event was averted and the ship is safe for plunder once the Bastille henchmen are dealt with.



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